Elevate Energee


What We Do

Discover the incredible world of Intuitive Energy Reading, Therapy and Coaching – a gentle, transformative method that invites you to unlock your blocked energy, connect with your higher self, and find harmony within your soul.

With her unique blend of scientific expertise and intuitive wisdom, Ashleen is here to guide you on a journey of balance, peace, and growth. This therapy harmonizes your mind, body, and soul, activating your body’s natural healing pathways. It also helps uncover any limiting beliefs and delivers personalized insights through a medium’s channel.

Join us on this enriching path to clarity and well-being as we tap into the power of Intuitive Energy Reading and Therapy. Your higher self is waiting to connect with you!

This type of service is beneficial if you:

Intuitive Energy Reading

All therapies are specific to your energy and souls needs, it is not a one size fits all approach.

1 What's Included
  • A one and half hour non-invasive relaxing session that is done virtually.
  • A review of your energetic aura, meridians and energy centers.
  • Check for misalignment, energy blocks and any hindering belief systems.
  • A full cleanse of your aura and meridians only.
  • A customised report and recommendations provided.
  • Recording of the session option is available.

House/Land Clearing

1 What's Included
  • 1 hour offline house/land clearing, x2 15-minute pre and post online consultation
  • Good for new home build pre and post construction
  • Good for renovations or if you are to moving into a new/old place
  • Good if you reside in an old historical/heritage listing.
  • All negative energy is removed from the land/dwelling. Love and light and specific energy you want to be placed is part of the process (e.g. Success, joy, love, prosperity)
  • People of the land, ancestors, previous owners are all respected and honored during the clearing.

Elevate Energy for Success Programme

1 What's Included
  • 3-, 6- and 12-month programs available
  • Multiple guided cleansing sessions.
  • Weekly consult / discussion.
  • Weekly practical tips and tools.
  • Multiple focus areas to work on, personal brand, money blocks, relationships, businesses strategy that works for you, spiritual ascension, transformation, and ongoing maintenance.
  • Neuro mind set shifting, personal brand activation, and inner work teachings.
  • Lessons on self energy cleansing and protection.