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I go into a deep meditative state and see higher dimensions; when in this mind state I can - with your permission connect to your energetic anatomy, and see things and seek for guidance and clarification that is specific only to you. The therapy is based only on what you need, and what your higher being is telling me. The treatment can been done by my mind visualising and channeling your energy to the right direction; it is interactive so I will be talking and asking for clarification and permission before proceeding with any clearing. In some instances I will guide you to clear your own energy if your connected to that same higher frequency state.

The therapy works in wonderous ways; during the session I can connect to your body (organs), energetic anatomy (aura, meridians, chakras), mind (subconscious/unconscious mind), and your soul. When undergoing this therapy, I will unblock your meridians, clear negative aspects of your aura, check each energy center, see the emotional blocks, identify any deep belief systems that are not purposeful and check the energy around you (your environment). The clearing of energy will create a shift of toxins in your body, and will be flushed through your normal metabolic pathways, that is why it is recommended to drink plenty of water after the treatment. We all have many layers and when we have emotional, mental and physical health concerns, it means we are not aligned. This out of alignment is very common, and with daily practices it can be maintained- just like exercise and diet. The therapy is a holistic approach to every other treatment or practice you go through, it works along side other modalities, and it is not a be all end all solution. Please read the Disclaimer section of the website.

The reading is a customised reading of your aura, meridians, energy centers (chakras), mind (subconscious/unconscious mind), and your soul. This helps you understand yourself better and areas that need work, and will explain why certain patterns are occurring in your life. It is kick-start to your journey to over all well being. Whether you are having relationship issues, money blocks, pattern thinking, similar situations occurring, feel stuck or stagnant, need clarity this helps. Please read the Disclaimer section of the website.

The reading is very popular! Our souls are immortal we come and go through various different lifetimes. Our body is reincarnated and restarts but souls energy footprint has a memory bank of its lifetimes. A guided semi hypnotic session takes you on a journey to a few key past lives, that give you messages to understand who you are, why you are the way you are and what your purpose is in this lifetime.

Not painful- You may feel nothing or these things, hot, cold, goose bumps, tingling, see colours, sense deep emotions, memory recollection, sleepy, heavy, light, and relaxed.

Yes you will receive an email of preparation required before the healing session, things such as avoiding heavy meals, no coffee, no alochol, not to be disturbed, and have an open mind. 

You get on with your daily life. A report will be provided with recommendations on some tips/practices to undertake to maintain overall wellbeing from a mind, body and energy level. If we record it, you will get a copy. It may be identified that you need a few sessions to clear something out completely, or you may want to have another check in a few weeks. 

After we complete the therapy, we discuss each journey, and I tap into any specific message linked to the past life seen. The discussion part of the session is recorded if you agree.

You get on with your daily life and feel a lot more clarified about life and your purpose. 

The therapy session is only on your energy, mind, and body. If a loved one comes through and passes on a message then it will be shared. Psychic future readings are not provided, as you make choices and changes daily.

I can see other external things that may be negatively affecting your life path and overall wellbeing- this will be cleared if required (case-by-case basis). A check of your surroundings is always done to make sure you are protected during a reading, it is for your safety. If there is anything significant impacting your safe space I will be guided to let you know.

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