Elevate Energee


Meet Ashleen

Ashleen Singh shines as a radiant Science Graduate, Intuitive Energy Practitioner, and Neuro Change Practitioner, bringing a vibrant aura of positivity and transformation.

Step into the world of Intuitive Energy Reading and Therapy, a remarkable journey of empowerment, serenity, and gentle transformation. This approach, skillfully wielded by Ashleen, serves as a soothing beacon, dissolving energetic obstacles and unlocking the potential of the higher self, soul, and spirit. Through the fusion of scientific acumen and intuitive prowess, Ashleen orchestrates a symphony of alignment between mind, body, and soul, nurturing equilibrium and propelling evolution. With each session, the therapy harmonizes the body’s innate biological pathways, unveiling obstructive belief systems, and delivering bespoke insights tailored to each unique individual.

Ashleen’s prowess extends beyond energy reading and cleansing. She graciously offers guidance along the spiritual voyage, steering individuals toward growth through the transformative currents of past life regression therapy and personalized consultations. As the voyage of self unfolds, it’s natural for waves of change to surge, sometimes overwhelming in their intensity. Within the sanctuary of a one-on-one session with Ashleen, a personalized compass emerges, illuminating the needs of your energy, soul, and spirit. Embrace the joyous transformation as Ashleen’s expertise guides you toward the radiant path of self-discovery.

My Journey

From my earliest days, I possessed a unique sensitivity to the world around me—whether it was the people I cherished or the strangers I crossed paths with. Over time, those intuitive inklings evolved from whispers to certainties, with glimpses of those insights manifesting in reality. Life’s adventures and experiences unwittingly nurtured these latent gifts within me.

My upbringing was a delightful fusion of Pacific Island and Kiwi (New Zealand) cultures, enriched by Hindu spiritual practices and a constant urging to embrace my creative side. Life unfolded in its usual course, offering a variety of experiences, none too extraordinary, yet each tinged with an uncanny familiarity, as though I’d encountered them before and knew how to navigate them.

Moments that defined my journey prompted a deep dive into mindfulness, meditation, and the mystical arts. Times when the demands of work, personal relationships, and existence became all-encompassing, culminating in a moment of breakdown and hospitalization—illness, heartache, and burnout held sway.

During that period of self-imposed isolation, my spirit remained steadfast. Intuition whispered to me that the core issue wasn’t dire, urging me to endure, alleviate stress, and reconnect with my body. The truth was clear: within me lay the solutions, waiting to be unearthed through an alignment with my own self.

Thus began my odyssey of healing, as I dissected my lifestyle, emotions, and physical sensations. Along the way, my intuitive and psychic talents blossomed, illuminating bespoke remedies that resonated with my being. The realm of energy healing, reiki, aura cleansing, and chakra balancing beckoned. One day, during meditation, a question sparked: could I perceive my aura, chakras, and energy? Could I unveil the sources of my health issues?

The universe responded with revelations beyond my imagination, opening vistas into the energetic tapestry of existence. An active healing pilgrimage commenced, becoming an integral part of my daily rituals. Transformation surged through me; a lightness pervaded my outlook, infusing positivity and comfort into everything I touched. Physical vitality intertwined with emotional ease, orchestrating a harmonious symphony in every facet of my life. This awakening confirmed my ability to connect with my energy and elevate it.

Initially, skepticism lingered—I held a biomedical science degree, requiring evidence and research to sway me. I confronted what I saw, questioned my intuition, higher self, and soul, demanding proof. I embarked on a quest to correlate emotions, physical ailments, and health challenges with energy centers, meridians, auras, feng shui, numerology, and environment. Lo and behold, connections wove a tapestry of interconnectedness, where one thread influenced another.

Validation came through my attainment of a Medical Intuitive Practitioner Diploma and a Neuro Change Practitioner qualification.

The intricate dance of mind, body, and energy remains undeniable; their interconnectedness shapes us all. Our brains dictate the rhythm of habits and belief systems, while external factors such as environment and the enigma of destiny contribute their sway. Armed with this profound comprehension, I bridge the realms of science and spirituality, customizing guidance for individuals, as one size decidedly does not fit all.

My journey illuminated a revelation: by translating these insights into relatable language, I could catalyze positive change. And so, I step forth, ready to share, guide, and illuminate the paths of others—to inspire lasting wellness and longevity.