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8 Benefits of Alignment

Listen to your body, acknowledge your feelings, and sense your energy! That pretty much sums up the connection to achieve overall wellness.

When we go through down buzz moments in life, we think negative thoughts or hold on to negative beliefs that impact our mind and energy- with our body on the receiving end of it all. Our body is signalling these signs in the form of aches, pains, and symptoms.

The key questions is – What is the root cause of these signs?

We all know that our feelings affect our health- stress is a good example. Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances. Stress activates our sympathetic nervous system – the fight or flight response; this is evidence that our emotional reaction to a situation dramatically impacts our body.

Energy is everywhere, and in everything, we all have our own energetic DNA; our aura, meridians, and energy centres make up our unique composition. The energy centres’ function is to draw in universal life force energy to keep the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health of the body and mind in balance. Anatomically each energy centre is associated with a major nerve plexus and a minor endocrine gland. Energy is affected by our thoughts, experiences, upbringing, values, environment, and people. (Read-Mind Body Energy Anatomy)

See below a formula to alignment – when a thought, feeling, action is linked equally.riences help us evolve, and chakras guide our energy through these experiences and help us grow spiritually and mentally.

The 8 benefits of aligning your mind body and energy are:

  1. Body healing is enhanced!

Yes, we have the power to self-heal; we all can work with our energy to improve our health. Historical forms of alternative medicine worked with the energy flow in the body. Asian medicine focused on Meridians to help the flow ‘chi’ of energy throughout the body. South Asian traditions believed that the human exists in two parallel dimensions, one’ physical body’, and the other ‘psychological, emotional, mental, and non-physical- the “subtle body”, which consists of chakra energy centres. When the meridians, chakra and aura are blocked or disturbed, it can affect the body. When the energy is free-flowing, self-healing starts! This flow activates the autonomic nervous system to improves circulation, cell regeneration, metabolic pathways, hormone regulations and removal of toxins.

  1. Your relationship with your body improves!

An equal relationship between the mind and energy leads to a heightened awareness of all factors that give your body discomfort. You instantly identify your reaction to foods, people, climate, temperature, smells, and situations that leave you feeling uneasy. When one dishonours their body’s needs, the flow of energy becomes blocked, and the body becomes aggravated.  When you clear any blocks, you open your Solar Chakra, which represents- honouring yourself! The improved relationship with your body gives you an amplified sensitivity to anything unpleasant – a mechanism to remind you to respect your needs and well-being before anything else.

  1. You heal from past wounds!

Believe it or not, but holding on to that grudge, heartbreak, betrayal, lie, or deceit; is having a massive impact on your health. These emotions have a more profound effect because of the feelings you are holding on to for an exceedingly long time. When working with people, I have noticed that unless they are willing to forgive or let go (accept), the pain and discomfort will not go away. It can be cleared temporarily in a healing session to bring about clarity; however, it can come back again. When one goes through energy cleansing, the need to respect and let go of the past hurts is pretty much a requirement! To be aligned is to let go of the past attachment, acknowledge your feelings, respect what happened, and believe it helped you grow and become a better you.

  1. You feel emotionally content!

This emotional contentment is impressive; you develop a sense of profound compassion towards yourself and others. Your emotional intelligence skyrockets, and everything in your life becomes easier to manage. To be emotionally content does not mean you are happy 24/7 and have no worries; let’s be real here! It is more about respecting yourself enough to understand your perception of other people’s behaviours and opinions and every situation in general. It is mandatory to get real and raw with your thoughts and inner woes on your journey of becoming aligned. When we do not acknowledge it, we are in denial or carry negative emotions such as guilt, shame, greed, hate, and anger. It is healthier to own up to the feelings of being jealous or angry towards someone than denying it internally. Balanced energy centres give a high level of emotional serenity that you become ok with whatever you feel, the good, the bad and the ugly.

  1. All your relationships improve!

Your relationships with everyone dramatically improve. You build stronger bonds with people that vibe at your level and the ones that do not- fade away quickly with ease. We are all different, and we have our own unique biological and energetic DNA; we cannot all be the same, but we can have similar energy frequencies. In your intimate relationships, your aura comes in contact frequently; in fact, both energies can mould to become equal. Your relationships improve when you are content with yourself and understand your body and emotions. Three key energy centres focus on relationships, Sacral – respect of others; Solar Plexus – respect towards yourself; Heart – connection and feelings with your loved ones. When those are balanced, you are emotionally satisfied with yourself, respect other opinions and actions, and have sincere gratitude and appreciation of your loved ones.

  1. You find your true purpose!

You start to feel content with life, and your purpose becomes crystal clear. You begin to understand your positive and negative trigger points. All of this helps you know who you are and what you want out of life. You also identify your true calling or become aware that you may already be fulfilling your purpose. You start to understand that finding your purpose can be anything; all that matters is, it’s positively impacting yourself and others. It is as simple as that! When you feel content, you also make no apologies for your preferences and don’t hold any guilt or shame on your choices. Social or cultural expectations at times dictate too much on what we should do or be. Being true to yourself is the goal, with your new mantra being, ‘this is who I am, and I am ok with it!’.

  1. Your more in-tune with your intuition!

When you work on your energy, you become more aware of your intuition because of your connection with your emotions. We all are intuitive, and we all have psychic abilities; some are more in tune with it than others. Your intuition is the inner guidance, the random thoughts, an angelic voice, inner voice- directing you in life and always has your best interest. Intuition works sporadically, unscheduled, it will prompt you to act on it there, and then – if you do not act on it, you could miss a very substantial opportunity. When you understand and acknowledge your true feelings, you become more aware of your thoughts. You can then control the thoughts and apply a more neutral emotional response to things, which allows you to receive inner guidance. At times people confuse their experience, fears, or anxiety with intuition. When you are aligned, you let go of the past, not overthink the future and live in the present with no assumptions – the result is a calmer mind and amplified intuition!

  1. You begin to deliberately manifest your desires!

The Law of attraction exists; it’s like the Law of gravity, it’s there – it is active all the time, you can’t see it! When you are aligned and learn to let go of negative thought patterns, your ability to forecast and visualise your future desires are enhanced. This topic is deep, so a blog just on this will come soon. But for now, it is worth noting that what you have in your life you have attracted, yes, even the unfortunate situations. The Law of attraction is when your feelings and thought patterns all become aligned and manifest into reality because there was no contradictions or resistance in the way. There is no difference between what you want or don’t want; it’s the energy level in your feelings and attention attached to it. When the mind and energy are in sync, you are more aware of your thoughts, live in the present, less mind chatter, feelings are in check, and your focus on your desires is much stronger. Leading to a powerful intuition, so your inner guidance makes sure you happen to be in the right place, right time, the right circumstance and with the right people to make things happen. It is not a coincidence- it is cooperating incidences!

Now that you can see the benefits of becoming aligned, balanced, connected- whatever you wish to call it, watch this space for practical tips on how to help yourself reach allignment!

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